Georgia Flu

Georgia Flu is a public health tool designed by physicians to harness and study flu data throughout our region. Every year thousands of cases of the Flu emerge in our population, with many of those cases remaining undocumented. As a leading seasonal public health concern, Georgia Flu hopes to gain real time data from our population to study the spread of the disease throughout our region. 

For the vast majority of the population, the flu can be treated at home with supportive measures including fluids and rest. Actually, leading healthcare professionals support this as it limits the spread of the virus and keeps healthcare facilities open and un-crowded. However, this leads to underreported cases and inaccurate data on the number of individuals affected by the virus. 

With our simple to use form, you can help our public heath officials understand the flu and it's spread in real time, aiding in the fight against the seasonal illness. Thank you!

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